MDCure By Aerotel - For Back Pain Relief

Who Uses MDcure?

MDcure can be used by most adults who suffer from lower back pain and muscular aches and pains in other areas of the body (some exclusions and contraindications apply) including but not limited to:


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When your pain gets in the way of your performance.
Professional, semi-professional, collegiate, and amateur “weekend warrior” athletes who experience muscular aches and pains brought on by the conditions of their sports. You need to be both physically and mentally fit to perform at your best. While you may believe the coach who tells you “no pain, no gain”, you know that pain works against you and can negatively affect your performance. You want and need it to go away. You’ve tried “everything” but your pain keeps coming back.

White-collar professionals

When your pain affects you performance.
If you work in an office, from your home or are a “road warrior”, prolonged sitting may be causing your lower back pain. You work hard and party hard and enjoy spending time with your family. Your pain may be affecting your work performance and preventing you from participating in the activities you and your family love. Even if you have time to go to the gym, what would be great is if you could apply therapy while commuting or while sitting at your deck. You want and need long-lasting relief to get the most out of life.

Blue-collar professionals

When your pain is so bad you miss work.
You are your own boss, work hard at what you do and know that physical labor can take its toll. If your aches and pains persist, you might miss work and may not be paid for days off. MDcure is more affordable than you might think… its cost can be made up by not missing just a few days of work that you would have missed had your pain not been relieved. And because MDcure can be used virtually anywhere and anytime, it will not slow you down and keep you away from your job.


When your pain makes it hard to balance work and family.
Whether a single mother holding down multiple jobs or a high-powered executive trying to find balance in your life, time is your most precious commodity. You seek fast acting remedies to what ails you – solutions that are easy to use and can be applied virtually anywhere and anytime. You want to avoid over medicating with potentially habit forming drugs and do not want to resort to surgery. When lower back pain strikes, you need fast and long-lasting relief. That’s why MDcure may be the best solution for you.


When getting hooked on pain meds is not an option.
Lower back pain should not prevent you from enjoying the activities you love. While you may feel “young at heart”, your body is aging and along with that may come lower back pain. While you may not feel old, each morning when you get up you may feel new muscular aches and pains. Minimizing or eliminating those aches and pains will allow you to continue to work and enjoy the activities you love. While certainly not a fountain of youth, when applied as directed, MDcure may help you “turn back the hands of time”.

Active retirees

When your pain gets in the way of your active lifestyle.
Unlike prior generations, you’ve remained active but may fear that your aches and pains may slow you down and prevent you from enjoying the social activities you love. You want to maintain an active lifestyle as long as you can. Minimizing muscular aches and pains will allow you to continue to enjoy a good social life and get the most from the time you spend with your children and grandchildren. With technology invading most aspects of your life, complexities may be weighing you down. That’s why you will appreciate MDcure’s simple instructions and one button ON and auto-shut OFF convenience.


When other pain treatments seem not to work.
If you are an American veteran or are still on active duty, you may be experiencing lower back pain brought on by your years of service. Aerotel is very proud to have a supply contract with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (the “VA”) to offer MDcure for procurement through its hospital network and the medical facilities of the armed services. If you use the VA or the medical facilities of any branch of the service, be sure to ask your doctor about MDcure.