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What No One Tells You About Your Wallet: Cause of Back Pain in Men

Doctors have revealed a surprising source that may be causing back pain in men. Turns out your wallet may be causing you more damage than you think!

We like to stick as many things as possible in our wallets… business cards, credit cards, receipts, and most importantly, cash. Can that be the reason for your lower back pain? Possibly. And if you do carry around an over-stuffed wallet, nerve pain can shoot down your leg.



Here’s what’s happening: With a thick wallet, it not only can twist the spine while sitting but also affects a large nerve that extends down to each foot. Sitting with one cheek higher than the other can trigger pain in your back, legs, and hips. It throws off your alignment and compresses the sciatic nerve.


Sciatic nerve runs on each side of the spine down through the back of each thigh all the way to the foot. When the sciatic nerve is compressed it causes inflammation, and can result in leg pain and numbness called sciatica. If you ever experiences sciatica you may feel anything from mild tingling to debilitating pain in the lower back and body. Men who drive for more than half an hour sitting on their wallets are candidates for sciatic or back pain.


Try cleaning out your wallet and get it out of your back pocket. Carry only important things in your wallet, things that you tend to use the most and leave the rest at home. As for your sciatica, doing gentle stretches to restore alignment may help with the pain. In addition, doing regular exercises to stretch out your leg muscles can help relax your muscle and become more flexible.


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