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PEMF technology should not be confused with cheap TENS technology

MDcure® by Aerotel uses scientifically proven PEMF-based therapy and should not be confused with cheap TENS-based devices sold on later-night TV.


While many PEMF-based devices are suitcase-sized and are not portable, MDcure is palm-sized and completely portable which is why it can easily be confused with those cheap TEN-based devices you see in some drug stores. In this blog, we’ll explain the major differences between PEMF and TENS-based therapy.


PEMF stands for “Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields”, the technology used by MDcure. The efficacy of PEMF therapy has been well documented in double-blind, placebo-based studies conducted throughout the world. TENS stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”, the technology used by those other devices. Please read on to understand the major differences between the two and you will see that they are as different as night and day.


MDcure is designed to relieve muscular aches and pains when used as directed; cheap TEN-based devices are not designed to relieve pain – they only temporarily mask your pain. MDcure produces deep massaging effect to accelerate healing; TEN-based devices produce superficial electrical shocks that do not heal.


MDcure is simple to self-apply to the lower back; users of TENS-based devices need assistance to apply their units to the lower back.


MDcure requires no calibration and is “plug and play” ready-to-use; cheap TEN-based devices require many settings, adjustments and calibrations.


MDcure is simple to use with one bottom ON and auto-OFF convenience; TEN-based devices come with complicated and confusing instructions and are generally not intuitive.


MDcure runs sensation FREE without twitching, pinching or tingling; TEN-based devices produce annoying twitching, pinching and tingling sensations.


MDcure’s massaging effects provide your cells with needed oxygen to accelerate healing; cheap TEN-based devices send electrical currents to the brain to mask pain which do not heal.


MDcure does not require direct skin contact, can be applied over light clothing and can be used virtually anytime and anywhere; TEN-based devices require direct skin contact and as such, cannot be used anytime and anywhere.


MDcure’s treatment pad coverage is up to 300 times greater than electrodes used in typical TENS-based devices; TENS devices require electrodes to be moved from area to area which is very time consuming.


MDcure saves you money because there are no costly consumables such as electrodes, stickers or gels which need to be replaced; TEN-based devices are like printers and ink and razors and blades because they use costly consumables that need to be replaced on a frequent basis.


MDcure is built and tested to the very highest standards at Aerotel’s ISO-13485 certified manufacturing facility located in Israel; TENS-based devices are generally produced to questionable quality standards in third-world factories.


So if you’ve used a TENS-based device in the past and have not experienced relief to your muscular aches and pains or if you are considering purchasing a cheap TENS unit, please think again. Instead, try MDcure by Aerotel risk-free for 30-days and experience the benefits of scientifically proven PEMF-based therapy. You will not be sorry that you did!



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