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New Studies to relieve back pain without the risk of addiction.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more Opioids have been prescribed to patients suffering with chronic pain.

Many people who suffer with back pain also use Opioids and run into risk of addiction.



Scientists are involving in studies to develop drugs without risk of addiction.

This on-off switch for agony could help us develop a safer painkiller – Business Insider

A boy in Pakistan became a local legend as a street performer in recent years by traversing hot coals and lancing his arms with knives without so much as a wince. A thousand miles away, in China, lived a family wracked by excruciating bouts of inexplicable pain, passed down generation after generation.

Scientists eventually determined what the boy and the family had in common: mutations in a gene that functions like an on-off switch for agony. Now, a bevy of biotech companies, including Genentech and Biogen, are staking big money on the idea that they can develop drugs that toggle that switch to relieve pain without the risk of addiction.

The gene in question is SCN9A, which is responsible for producing a pain-related protein called Nav1.7. In patients who feel nothing, SCN9A is pretty much broken. In those who feel searing random pain, the gene is cranking out far too much Nav1.7.

To avoid running into the risk of addiction, it is wise to adapt to alternative treatments. If you are suffering with chronic back pain; instead of taking pain killers, try alternative treatments such as PEFM therapy. It helps relieving from pain without using pain killers.


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