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MadameNoire shares how she suffered with chronic back pain and simple tips to ease it.

MadameNoire says that we need to respond to the signs of chronic back pain and respond to it immediately. Here are the top tips she recommends to ease back pain:

Back Pain When Standing Up From Sitting



1.Check your sit time – Avoid sitting for long hours
2. Gain Posture Conscious- Remember, better posture, better health
3. Relax your muscles
4. Shock therapy – Bring movement for your piriformis muscle as it goes into spasms
5. Stretch beyond relief – 10 mins stretching exercises.

The back is a complicated composite of bones, ligaments, muscles and joints. Injuries or strains can stem from attempting the simplest task: bending over wrong, improper posture and bad exercise technique. If you’re anything like me, you continuously stress your muscles in these ways; you either own a bad mattress that you’ve yet to toss to the curb, or you’re the habitual sitter who becomes way too engrossed in work to walk away from it. As dedicated as we may be to our jobs, our bodies aren’t reaping any of the rewards of long sitting. I would know, as I’m entering my third week of lower back pain.

Statistically, we all experience it and even complain about it everyday. But as I speak with so many sufferers, back pain is something we so often settle in and adapt as a way of life. Preventative and full healing measures are overlooked, pushing our spinal health to the side. One thing that I’ve learned from undergoing pain-spasms is that we need to quickly respond when our body sends us warnings. What starts off as tiny whispers can abruptly transition into a loud scream. Dear fellow back pain sufferers, if you’re not partaking in these daily/weekly methods now – it’s time! (Before it’s too late).

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Be sure to follow these tips.

If you have sciatica or chronic back pain, you will need to relax piriformis muscle spasms. MDcure delivers extremely low frequency PEMF therapy creating massaging effects that increase blood flow and perfusion to relax piriformis muscle spasms.



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