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How the Kettlebell Swing Can Strengthen and Protect Your Back?

One of the best ways to live without back pain is to strengthen your back muscle. There are several exercises suggested to strengthen the back muscles. However, a British study recommends Kettlebell exercise.

Kettleball swing exercise to strengthen your back

Kettlebell swing exercise directly acts on your lumbar extensors, which is the key back muscle. The exercise also has other benefits stated below:


Plus, you’re exercising your hamstrings and glutes at the same time, says stuff author James Fisher, pH.D. Those are two of the most powerful muscle groups in your body—so not only will your lower back be better protected during any movement, but you’ll also increase your atheticism and lower-body strength, too.

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Remember, you cannot try these exercises when you are suffering with chronic back pain. If you over strain your back muscles, it may further damage your back.

You may consider using MDcure which  delivers extremely low frequency PEMF therapy creating massaging effects that increase blood flow and perfusion to accelerate your healing.


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