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How Opioids addiction is Killing Women Over 50?

Did you know certain drugs such as Fentanyl, Oxycodine etc are identical to taking heroin? Isn’t shocking?

The bad truth is everyday millions of Americans are over dosing these drugs to relieve from chronic pain.

Opiods addiction

Here is an article from The Huffington Post thoroughly explains the effects of abusing the pain medications. It says as follows:

Americans all over the country are becoming addicted to opioids, a class of drug that is killing them in record numbers. In fact, there has been a 450 percent increase in the number of deaths among women since 1999, a statistic attributed to opioid use. How did this happen? Read on.

The article also explains how these drugs affects women in particular.

According to Dr. Volkow, “Women are more likely to have chronic pain and be prescribed prescription pain relievers, be given higher doses, and use them for longer time periods than men.” Evidence suggests, she adds, that for some reason, women may be more likely than men to take these drugs without a prescription to combat pain but also to treat other problems like anxiety or tension. “But there may be other factors (that make women more vulnerable to the pernicious effects of the drugs) having to do with [biological] differences between men and women. We know, for example, that women, in general, have a higher percent body fat and lower percent of body water. Body fat and water content can affect the volume distribution of certain drugs, such as opioids, and with chronic use, can lead to an increased load of drug in the fatty tissues, and potentially have a toxic effect.”

Dr. Healey, an addiction expert explains how people become tolerant to Opiods which leads to further increase of dose on the longer run.

“With time, your body gets acclimated to the effects of the drugs. You override acclimation by taking more,” explains Healey. “That’s the vicious cycle, and depending on how long you use it, it is the exact same drug effect that’s used with anesthesia. It’s how you cannot feel pain from a knife slicing you open during surgery, but you keep breathing while the operation goes on. Opioids cause respiratory depression. We don’t think about breathing on a day-to-day basis, but the number one cause of death in opioid use is respiratory depression. It causes your breathing to stop. It puts the back of your brain to sleep and literally puts your breathing to sleep.”

Read the full article at The Huffington Post. 

If you have chronic pain, you would first seek alternative treatments instead of taking drugs.

At MDcure, we aim at providing relief for back pain and neck pain problems without the need of medication. MDcure changes the conductivity along your nerve fibers to relieve your muscular aches and pains in a similar way that local anesthesia does but without the side-effects.


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