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Follow these suggestions if you wear high heels

Although high heels make you look great, they can cause excessive pressure on your knees, heels and toes. However, the pressure on your spine is what you should really be worried about!


Your spine has discs between each vertebral which acts as a shock absorber when pressure is built. When wearing high heels, this increases pressure on your lower back causing your upper body to lean forward and to compensate for that, your lower body to lean back. This is your body’s attempt to balance itself when you wear high heels.


Yet, this can cause the muscles to tense up and trigger pain throughout your leg. By the end of the day, this can result in fatigue and soreness in your leg, knee and back muscles. Overall, the pressure on your feet and legs depends on how high the heels are. In simpler terms, the higher the heel, the higher the pressure on your feet and legs.


Conversely, with flat shoes, the spine is fairly normal, and your leg muscles are relaxed. Additionally, flats help to evenly distribute your body weight throughout your feet.


But sometimes the perfect high heels can make an outfit complete. Here are a few recommendations to consider for the next time you wear your high heels.


  • Avoid them for long periods of time

  • Limit the height of your heels, 2-inch heels are more practical

  • Buy a wide variety of shoes to give your feet a break from the usual high heels or uncomfortable shoes

  • Use orthotics appliances that can be placed inside the shoe to keep your foot from slipping

  • Do stretches before and after wearing high heels which can semi-prevent your leg muscles from becoming sore.


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