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Facts and myths about back pain and remedies

There are many treatments for low back pain. Some are simple and some complex. If you suffer from low back pain, you may be looking for a new remedy. But at the end of the day, it can get confusing. It’s important to sort out the misconceptions. Here are a few myths about back pain…



Myth #1: Bed rest helps with the pain

Back pain often prevents us from getting out of bed, but staying in bed for a day or two can actually do more harm than good. It can worsen the spine by causing stiffness and weakness. Additionally, keeping the spine in a constant position can produce swelling and irritate nerves that are already affected.

Myth #2: Strengthening, stretching and aerobic exercises can worsen your condition

Certain movements can increase the pain making us want to stay in bed all day. Back pain suffers tend to over protect their backs leading to more pain and stiffness. But stretching and strengthening the back may be just what you need to prevent pain. Unless told by a doctor to rest rather than exercise, it is best to begin exercises before your back pain begins but first check with your physician.

Myth #3 Back pain only effects the elderly

Back pain does not age discriminate. It is common in young people between the ages of thirty and fifty. If you can find a way to manage your pain and maintain your ability to function, your back pain may lessen over time.


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