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Could mindfulness and meditation replace Opioids for lower back pain?

Australians are suffering with chronic pain which even leads them to suicide. There is a report that says 20 percent of suicides are caused by chronic pain.

Opioids alternative treament

With the adverse side effects of traditional treatment; using pain medication such as Opioids, lead many doctors to conduct studies on alternative treatments.

The University of Queensland, Australia is conducting a study on the topic: Could mindfulness and meditation replace opioids for lower back pain?

Up to 80 per cent of Australians experience back pain and 10 per cent have significant disability as a result.

“What we know is that traditional treatments such as pain medications become less effective over time as individuals develop tolerances to drugs like opioids.

“Moreover, many of the side effects of these drugs are unpleasant, including nausea, possible addiction, sedation, and cognitive complaints impacting memory, recognition and comprehension.


Taking pain medications would not reduce pain on the longer run. We develop tolerances to those drugs. Instead, we need to switch to alternative treatments such as chiropractic, exercises, massage etc. which will provide long lasting relief.

MDcure also aims to provide drug free treatment for chronic pain.


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