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Back Pain When Standing Up From Sitting

Back Pain When Standing Up From Sitting

By Christine Traxler, MD

A common time to experience back pain is when standing up from a sitting position. You use a lot of back muscles and ligaments when trying to stand up from a seated position so that, if your back is injured, this simple maneuver can result in pain. Standing up from a seated position is perhaps the most difficult maneuver to do when you are suffering from a back injury.

Techniques for relieving the pain:

The way you get up from a sitting position can affect the amount of pain you experience. You can use a cane or walker to support your body as you get up. Even leaning on another person as you get up from a seated position can alleviate back pain when standing up from sitting. These things are just structural crutches that can ease the transition from being in a seated position to being in a standing position.

When standing is difficult:

There are times when it is just too difficult to stand on your own because of back pain. In such cases, you may need to seek the advice of a medical professional. A doctor of chiropractic (DC) may be able to help using manipulations that put the spine into its proper alignment.

If the back pain radiates down your leg, you may be experiencing sciatic nerve involvement. The sciatic nerve becomes inflamed when you have done some damage to your spinal disc. You may need surgery to repair the disc. After you recover, you should have no back pain when standing up from sitting.

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