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Astronaut Kelly sets record in space… grows 2 inches


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Astronaut Scott Kelly, who just announced his retirement from NASA, holds the American record for most time in space. He recently returned from having spent nearly a year on the International Space Station. His long stay is intended to pave the way for future missions to Mars.

It has long been known that spending time in space has an impact on astronauts’ bodies. Reporting for NBC News (, Felix Gussone, MD and Shelly Choo, MD, observe that astronauts returning from space show signs of:

More brittle bones

  • Bones in the legs, hips and spine experience a significant decrease in load bearing.
  • This leads to bone breakdown and a release of calcium, leaving bones more brittle and weak.
  • The release of calcium can also increase the risk of kidney stone formation and bone fractures.

Weakened muscles

  • Extended spaceflight results in less work for the legs and back: muscles can begin to weaken or atrophy, and this could lead to fall-related injuries and accidents.

And the most interesting thing of all…

  • Astronauts get a bit taller in space: on Earth, the disks are slightly compressed due to gravity whereas in space, that compression is no longer present causing the disks to expand.

To see Dr. Gussone’s and Dr. Choo’s story, check out the link above to NBC News or check out Robert Ferris’s article at:

While we cannot say for certain that Captain Kelly is being treated with Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, we can tell you that NASA has patents on PEMF used to counteract the effects experienced by astronauts after spending long periods in space.

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